Eco-friendly, biodegradable cutlery

We think in the new way, we want to change the world for better.

Ecological awarness

Ecology is our way of life.

ECO future

We are moving  in the  right direction!

ECO future

We are moving  in the  right direction!




We look to the future

Our ecological production does not leave any lasting pollution in the environment.

We do everything we can to help stop changes resulting from the degradation of the natural environment. As an eco-conscious manufacturer of disposable cutlery, we know that our everyday choices can work wonders. Using biodegradable materials, we produce unique and attractive cutlery. The materials used are fully compostable.


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As a dynamically developing company, we assure our customers of the high quality of our products. All cutlery has been awarded a certificate confirming the tests carried out on the materials from which they were made. We guarantee compliance with European directives.





Our products are distinguished by their uniqueness. The cutlery is made of natural materials, which give them a unique look.





The cutlery is available in various versions. Depending on the dishes served, you can configure a perfectly matched set. The prepared sets are a perfect solution for serving meals in restaurants, at outdoor events or during business trips.





Each product is subject to thorough inspection. Thanks to the opinions of our customers, we are sure that the quality of the entire process has remained impeccable for years.





Our offer includes packaging – available products are ready for sale and use. We pay special attention to packaging processes that protect the products against damage, thus ensuring safe transport to you.





Packaged cutlery saves a lot of time, which is especially important when tidying up the space after an event. The cutlery available on offer is a perfect example of functional products that replace traditional accessories.

An Intricate Work of Tradition

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