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Disposable cutlery
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The relentless development of civilization has made us reach a turning point where it depends more than ever on what the future will look like. The degradation of the natural environment and its far-reaching effects meant that we are doing our best to contribute to stopping negative changes and modifying the wrong philosophy of life.


As a manufacturer of eco-friendly solutions for disposable cutlery, we know that our daily choices can change a lot. We introduce online store customers to the world of ecological values, proving that high quality of life can go hand in hand with preserving the natural values of the biosphere.


Within our factory, we also carry out packaging – disposable products available in our offer are ready for sale and use. We create and pack them in a way that does not threaten the environment. By using biodegradable materials, we produce unique, eye-catching cutlery. The online store and its range allow you to familiarize yourself with our ideology and the opportunities we have on a daily basis to protect the environment.


The manufacturer offers ready-made disposable cutlery available in the online store, being sure that their quality will meet your expectations and that the materials used in the production will be environmentally friendly both during use and degradation.

Lawendowa Osada

We work together and focus on
Ecological Farm Lawendowa Osada!




Our production process is neutral to natural environment. All packing components and material are biodegradable, compostable in full and eco-friendly.

In line with our customers expectations we are introducing eco friendly products range.


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