About Us

About the firm

Our firm operates on the Polish market since 1990. From the very beginning our goal is to fully satisfy our customers.

We focus all our efforts on individual customer expectations and adaptation to his needs.


Our experience

Atardex company offers complex service. We taking advantage from our reach experience in the disposable packaging business as well as packaging for food companies, catering industry or for an advertisement and promotions. We own advanced packing machine of “Flow-Pack” type. We are very committed to keep our service level high. We constantly work on improvements: trainings, new machines, new better materials. We would be honored by your decision to co-operate with us using our experience and commitment.

Our products

We offer disposable cutlery packed in very different sets (for grill, lunch, dessert etc) – depends on Customer need.

The most common parts of the sets are: spoon, fork, knife, small spoon, small fork, napkin, salt pepper, ketchup, mayo.


Main advantages of packed versus non packed disposable cutlery is hygiene and esthetic.






Professionalism and full commitment
are the main values of our firm.

We cordially invite you to cooperate  with us.