Cooperation with the Vocational Activity Center in Kluczbork



In our company, we understand that cooperation with the Vocational Activity Center in Kluczbork is more than a business decision; it is a reflection of our deep values.

Actively supporting and employing disabled people is a way for us to really influence social change, helping them find their place in the world of work and demonstrate their skills.


Diversity in the workplace is not only a business advantage for us, but above all the key to building a more open and integrated community. Every employee, regardless of their limitations, brings invaluable value to our team. By including people from Kluczbork in our team, we show that unique skills and perspectives are extremely valuable to us and constitute the foundation of our organization.


Our daily collaboration with exceptional ZAZ colleagues is a testament to our pursuit of a more sustainable and open business world.

These activities confirm our belief that the social and professional integration of people with disabilities is not only our duty, but also our passion.



At Atardex, we value diversity and integration.

We are proud that our cooperation with the Vocational Activity Department contributes to the creation of a work environment in which everyone – regardless of their life challenges – has their own place and opportunity for development. Together we are building a community where diversity and inclusion are not only valued, but are the foundation of our collective success.


Our mission goes beyond the boundaries of ordinary business – we strive to create a world where everyone has an equal chance to succeed, regardless of their limitations. Cooperation with the Vocational Activity Center in Kluczbork is a step towards realizing this vision – together we create a future in which everyone can find their place and enjoy a full professional life.